Coldroom Temperature Controllers

Every coldroom system must have at least 1 temperature controller. A temperature controller consists of a temperature sensor and an electric on-off switch. When the interior temperature is too high, the coldroom temperature controller will send a signal to the compressor to turn on, activating the refrigeration cycle. Conversely, once the desired temperature has been […]

Coldroom Compressors and Condensers

The most important components of a coldroom must be the compressor and the condenser. You can compare the compressor to the human heart and the condenser as the lungs. CompressorThe role of a compressor in a coldroom system is to pressurize the refrigerant fluid. Acting like a pump, the refrigerant under pressure will heat up […]

Walk in Coldrooms. A Short Introduction

Generally there are three kinds of cold rooms: self-contained, remote condensing, and multiplex condensing. Self-contained coldrooms are cold storage rooms where the refrigeration system is a complete package with the evaporator and condenser built into one unit. The obvious advantage of self contained coldrooms is they are simple to install and can be moved easily […]