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  • Cold room build & maintenance services (Singapore).
  • Commercial refrigerator repair & maintenance services (Singapore).

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Our Cold Room & Commercial Refrigerator Repair Service Rates in Singapore

We offer high quality, dependable and honest service at middle-of-the-road rates. Our rates are highly transparent for commercial cold room refrigerator repair & maintenance.

Commerical Coldroom Refrigerator Repair

Service Call/Consultation Fee $40

We charge SGD40 for the expense with the time and travel to diagnose, inspect and provide expert recommendations once we arrive at your premises. If you do not wish to proceed with further repair work, this is the minimum amount we will charge.

Commerical Coldroom Refrigerator Repair

Parts & Labour Cost

Once we determined the problem, we will offer a reasonable quote for your acceptance before we start repairs. We will deduct the service call fee from the overall Parts and Labour costs.

Commerical Coldroom Refrigerator Repair

3 Month Warranty

For your peace of mind, we offer 3 month warranty on all parts and workmanship.

Step 1: Give us your Specs

Let us know your requirements such as the 1. size of the cold room, 2. the operating temperature, 3. what kind of goods it will store, 4. it is for production or storage purpose, 5. what kind of doors you like (sliding or swing) and 6. preferably your floor plan.

Step 2: Site Inspection

We will come down to your premises to perform a feasibility study on site and take initial size measurements.

Step 3: Budgetary Quote

With the information you have provided, we will determine a budgetary quote for your consideration.

How we Build a Cold Room from Scratch

This is a 14mx3mx3m commercial coldroom with separate chiller and freezer sections. The client is an established restaurant supplier using this coldroom as a cold storage facility located in western Singapore.

commercial coldroom singapore
We start by laying the insulation panels for the cold room according to your specifications.
commercial coldroom singapore
We pay strict attention to details right from the start.
commercial coldroom singapore
All panels for the cold room are in place, accurate to the inch.
commercial coldroom singapore
Completing the interior of the cold room.
commercial coldroom singapore
Installing sliding doors for the cold room. Swing doors requires larger space.
commercial coldroom singapore
Optimal positioning of the fan coil unit is important for efficient cooling.

Ready-Made & Modular Coldrooms to Fit Any Space

Limited space? We have ready-made fully integrated coldrooms that you can deploy quickly and tear down fast.

commercial coldroom singapore
Simple and rapid installation with cam-lock joint for all panel joint, integrated refrigeration unit, built in lighting system and boltless rack system.
commercial coldroom singapore
Chiller and Freezer configurations available. Operating Temp: +5 to -20 deg C suitable for vegetable and meat storage.
commercial coldroom singapore

Sizes start from 1.1mx1.2mx2.3m. We have sizes suitable for wet market stalls, bakeries, restaurants and food stalls.

Ready to install sizes are available below. Takes standard power input: 220-240V/1 phase/50Hz
Model SizeLength(m)Width(m)Height(m)Internal Volume (m3)

We provide repair & maintenance services to commercial refrigerators all over Singapore. Service Call Fee of SGD40 applies.

commercial refrigerators in Singapore

Repair & Service Commercial Reach-In Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerator with a reach-in design is common in commercial kitchens. Compact and space saving, it cools foods to keep them at safe holding temperatures.

commercial refrigerators in Singapore

Repair & Service Undercounter Commercial Refrigerators

Under Counter refrigerators have an undercounter design that won’t take up much room in the food & beverage kitchen. They often have dual temperatures, to store refrigerated and frozen products.

commercial refrigerators in Singapore

Repair & Service Worktop Commercial Refrigerators

Worktop refrigerators have various compartments and ingredient bins that can fit in compact spaces or span the length of a kitchen wall. Dual temperature features freezer and chiller in the same unit.

Repair & Service Merchandising Refrigerators

Merchandising refrigerators have clear fronts which customers can easily see contents helping increase impulse sales. Suited for convenience stores, supermarkets, delis, cafeterias.

Repair & Service Display Case Refrigerators

Popular in F&B outlets, these commercial chillers puts food stuff on full display with an attractive countertop refrigerated display case.

Repair & Service Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial ice makers are an integral part of any bar, coffeeshop or F&B oulet. They are critical to producing enough ice to keep up with high demand.

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Commerical Coldroom Refrigerator Repair

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